Recent Publications

“Mandatory Interconnection: Should the FCC Serve as Internet Traffic Cop?” Progressive Policy Institute Paper (2014)

“Econometric Tests for Detecting the Existence of Common Impact,” Research in Law and Economics (2014)

“Life After Comcast: The Economist’s Obligation to Decompose Damages Across Theories of Harm,” ABA’s Antitrust (2014)

“Is the U.S. Government’s Internet Policy Broken? Review of Crawford’s Captive Audience,” Policy & Internet (2013)

“Avoiding Rent-Seeking in Secondary Market Spectrum Transactions,” Federal Communications Law Journal (2013)

“The FCC’s Incentive Auction: Getting Spectrum Policy Right,” Progressive Policy Institute Paper (2013)

“Clash of the Titans: How the Largest Commercial Web Sites Got That Way,” The Milken Institute Review (2013)

“Vertical Integration in Multichannel Television Markets: A Study of Regional Sports Networks,” Review of Network Economics (2013)

“Assessing Bundled and Share-Based Loyalty Rebates: Application to the Pharmaceutical Industry,” Journal of Competition Law & Economics (2012)

“Lessons from Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow: Does Behavioral Economics Have a Role in Antitrust Analysis?” The Antitrust Source (2012)

“Book Review: Tim Wu’s Master Switch,” The Milken Institute Review (2012)

“Assessing Competition in U.S. Wireless Markets: Review of the FCC’s Competition Reports,” Federal Communications Law Journal (2012)

“Economic Evidence of Common Impact for Class Certification in Antitrust Cases: A Two-Step Analysis,” Antitrust (2011)

“An Empirical Analysis of Aftermarket Transactions by Hospitals,” The Journal of Contemporary Health Law and Policy (2011)

“Why the iPhone Won’t Last Forever and What the Government Should Do to Promote its Successor,” Journal on Telecommunications and High Technology Law (2010)

“Net Neutrality Is Bad Broadband Regulation,” The Economists’ Voice (2010)

“Assessing Bias in Patent Infringement Cases: A Review of International Trade Commission Decisions,” Harvard Journal of Law and Technology (2008)

“Is Greater Price Transparency Needed in the Medical Device Industry?” Health Affairs (2008)

“The Effect of Incumbent Bidding in Set-Aside Auctions: An Analysis of Prices in the Closed and Open Segments of FCC Auction 35,” Telecommunications Policy Journal (2008)

“Foxes in the Henhouse: FCC Regulation through Merger Review,” The Milken Institute Review (2008)

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